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Promotional Message What is the goal of the CDH Productions directory?
The CDH Productions directory is a strong human edited web directory that is focused at providing a valuable resource for top quality listings to heavily benefit web site owners and provide a convenient resource for visitors. The traffic from the CDH Productions software is leveraged to directly benefit listed web sites, showing them front and center for web site visitors, to provide traffic in addition to link value.

What are some unique features of this web directory?
The CDH Productions web directory is built on the established and trusted CDH Productions web site. The domain has been owned by the same company for the past 10+ years, and provides some of the highest quality and valuable listings available from a web directory. In addition, the CDH Productions web directory uses a new concept of ranking listings by contribution amount, rather than traffic, alphabetical order, submission date, or Google PageRank. This approach offers more control and better promotion for web site owners.

How is that a different reflection of popularity from other web directories?
Web directories typically equate the number of clicks a listing receives to popularity. For example, if more people click on a listing, that particular listing tends to remain popular in that directory simply because of its high ranking in the first place. This is hardly an accurate reflection of true popularity on the Internet.

Theoretically, every website on the Internet has a chance of becoming the most popular piece of virtual real estate in cyber space. The CDH Productions directory simply attempts to reflect that by ranking websites according to the dollar amount contributed for that website. A major benefit of such a ranking system is that it provides some indication of the quality of traffic from a particular website. This is the directory where advertisers will come looking for you, and visitors will find you.

Does that mean an owner of a website with deep pockets can easily dominate a category?
Yes. In reality, owners with deep pockets are in a better position. It is possible for a website to contribute a million dollars and stay in the number one position for eternity, but this is very unlikely. A more likely scenario would be having a popular blog with a million visits a month linking to the CDH Productions directory. As a result, the contributions increase steadily over time, keeping it in the number one position solidly.

Wouldn't it be better to rank by points?
In the virtual world, it's easier to implement a point system such as voting. However, votes are but variables in a database. They cost nothing, and therefore also reflect very little. A visitor who would pay a dollar to support a website says much more about a website and the quality of its traffic.

In addition, for the CDH Productions directory to achieve its goal, it must have a large enough sample in its database for the data to mean anything. Therefore, the funds generated can be put to good use by generating more traffic for the directory, which will attract new listings and benefit all existing ones.

How does the ranking system work?
All websites need to start somewhere, so we fix a low one-time fee of USD$49.95 for all new listings. After that, anyone can add to the contribution to increase the ranking of a website. In the long run, every dollar counts. That's why anyone can contribute starting from USD$10.00 onwards. If two listings have the same amount of contribution, the CDH Productions directory will automatically rank the earlier listing higher. To contribute to an existing listing, click on the "[Increase Ranking]" icon at the bottom of the desired listing.

How can a listing encourage its visitors to contribute?
Webmasters can do so by directing traffic to this website using simple text links. When visitors arrive, the directory will promote the listing by displaying a promotional message across all pages, encouraging a visitor to contribute and increase the ranking of the listing. The message will be displayed to the visitor for up to 60 days before expiring. To get the HTML code for the text link of a listing, click the "[Get Code]" icon below the listing.

The CDH Productions directory also helps by promoting the HTML link for all listings, making it available publicly for visitors to use the text links and help increase the rankings of your website.

Is deep linking allowed?
Yes, deep linking to specific pages or sub-domains is allowed.

Why are there no featured links?
There isn't a need for featured links in this unique directory. By default, the listing with the highest contribution stays at the top. Remember that contributions can be made by anyone. Therefore, chances of a popular website staying at the top is higher, which is somewhat similar to a featured link.

Paypal I've learned enough. How do I get started?

  • The CDH Productions web site is a strong, established, and trusted resource that offers powerful listings for web site owners.
  • You will receive two links: one in the specified category, and one on a dedicated page.
  • Listings for the top ten submission amounts are shown on the homepage.
  • All links are search engine friendly.
  • Links are permanent.
  • No recurring fees.
  • Targeted traffic.
  • Attract top quality advertising!

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